Stock Up on Safe Snacks

It can be hard for children when others are enjoying a birthday cake or digging into candy. It’s helpful to keep a box of safe snacks available for your child so they have a place to go if there is ever any food in question. While I tried to keep fresh fruit on hand and make homemade granola and trail mix, the big confession, I was the house of treats.

I never wanted my children to feel tempted to eat sweets outside the home due to cross-contamination. I had a freezer full of safe ice cream and cabinets full of snacks. I’m not advocating you do this, but a few safe “go-to” items were helpful. Read labels every time you purchase a product. Ingredients and manufacturing plants can change and safe products may be cross-contaminated. These products were nut safe, but look at the ingredients for the allergens you need to avoid.

  1. Oreo Cookies: While I am not proud of this, Oreos became a staple in our home. With only two of the 9 major food allergens they were (are) a great “go-to” treat. You don’t always have time to whip up a fabulous safe treat, so find a couple of safe staples and keep them in your cupboards.

2. Nutri-grain Bars: Safe granola and protein bars can be hard to find. For that reason, I have often made my own. (see blog post). Nutri-grain bars contain wheat, mild, and soy. So while not good for everyone they were great for us while eliminating eggs and nuts.

3. YumEarth Organic Pops. My kids loved these. They were great to bring to soccer games and to keep on hand at school. True confessions, I ate a good part of their stash.

4. SunButter was a little too close to PB for my kids. They never took a liking to it. My husband eats it, and everyone who we shared it with became hooked. They liked the texture and that it wasn’t as sweet as PB.

5. Goldfish: Another snack that my kids love. They are in their 20’s and still love a gallon container of Goldfish. They now have graham fish, pretzel fish, and different flavors and to date. They are all still safe.

6. Natures Bakery Fig Bars: These became a family favorite. It didn’t hurt that they sold the at Costco. These are labeled “Made in a dedicated Peanut and Tree Nut Free Facility” which is always a strong favorite!

7. Apple Sauce: This is another great staple. It travels well and comes in different flavors. This is another one that was a favorite for my kids and still is.

8. Enjoy Life Bars: Enjoy Life became a family favorite. While a little more expensive than some of the other bars. It was nice to know that they were free of the major allergens.

9.Annie’s Mac n Cheese: Annie’s has a number of Mac n Cheese flavors as well as other snacks. These cups are great to keep at school or in a backpack.

10. Vermont Nut Free Chocolate: This company is fantastic for those wanting a good quality nut free chocolate. We ordered their chocolate for almost every holiday and used their safe Skippers (like M&M’s) for baking and trail mixes.

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