Food Allergy Aids

As you raise your children you’ve probably heard or will hear the saying “ages and stages.” I think of this saying as our children have grown and continued to have additional responsibilities for their food allergy safety over the years. If you have a young child, making sure everyone is aware of their food allergies can be emotionally exhausting. Rest assured that as you educate others you are also educating your child, and in time they will assume more responsibility for their food allergy in each stage.

I was told by a school superintendent that managing a “hidden disability” like a food allergy can be more challenging than a disability that people are more visibly aware of. This certainly did resonate with me and often rang true. It is hard to believe that even the slightest contact with a common food allergen could cause death. After years of educating school teachers, staff and administration as well as family, friends and coaches etc… I have compiled lists of some of our favorite items. Helpful Kitchen Items: These are not “have-to-haves” but rather “nice to haves.” I never saw myself as a baker but welcome to my new world of safe baked goods with no worry about cross-contamination. Five Important Items: There are a few important items that anyone diagnosed with a food allergy should become familiar with. Food Allergy Cookbooks: As I navigated into the world of home cooked safe meals, I found a number of food allergy cookbooks to be very helpful. Safe Snacks: Medication & ID’s: Five Food Allergy Research and Support Groups:
  1. Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE)
  2. Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA)
  3. Anaphylaxis Campaign (AC) (is the only UK wide charity to exclusively meet the needs of the growing numbers of people at risk from severe allergic reactions
  4. Kids with Food Allergies Foundation (KFA)
  5. American College of Allergy Asthma &Immunology (ACAAI)
Epi-Pens will be your ne friend. Having them accessible everywhere your child goes is important. Most allergic reactions are accidental, so you must be prepared. You may want to invest in an Epi-Pen carrying case. I recommend a carrying case that has room for two Epi-Pens. During the heat of the moment, if someone is nervous there is a chance the Epi-Pen could misfire. Also, as in the case of Ryan, he had a biphasic reaction, which means his symptoms rapidly appeared again once they subsided.

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