Beyond A Peanut – Food Allergy Education Safety Resources

Beyond A Peanut – Food Allergy Flashcards

Food Allergy Flashcards

Educate individuals caring for your child with a nut allergy. Train:

  • your extended family members
  • your neighbor’s house
  • your daycare provider
  • your school
  • your church or synagogue

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With the feedback from school nurses, we designed this “Food Allergy Aware” school sign with four key safety tips for children with food allergies and their classmates.

We later developed a sign with messaging a little more appropriate for older children, which can be customize for your school to make it easier for students to identify with.

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Kitchen Safety Stickers

      • Ensure allergens are identified after removed from original packaging.
      • 3×5 sticker ensures foods have been checked and allergens clearly identified.
      • Great for bulk or boxed foods removed from their original packaging for storage. 

    6.99 for 25 Stickers